Comanche Bluff Trail Photos

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along the southern half
one can get lost along this southern section (Photo by jimmy peace)
other truss bridge
the other one (Photo by jimmy peace)
truss bridge
one of the truss bridges on the trail (Photo by jimmy peace)
Where we gave up
We couldn't find a trail around the inlet marked "Slough of Despond." We followed a jeep track for a while, but some hunters were really letting the local wildlife have it, so we turned around. (Photo by plectrudis)
Cactus and possumhaw
An especially nice color combination--prickly pear and the orange-berried possumhaw. Most of the trail was shadier, rockier, and less flat. (Photo by plectrudis)
Bridge & Nice Little Swamp
Trail has two old iron bridges and loads of small footbridges. This was one, crossing a small creek + mini swamp. (Photo by plectrudis)
Friendship Bridge
Crossing Friendship Bridge (Photo by Eveline)
Trail is almost invisible in places
Tall grasses obscure the trail in places. (Photo by crocodile235)
San Gabriel River at Fox Bottom primitive campground
This river access point is easier to use to climb out of the river after swimming. The other river access area is pretty steep. (Photo by crocodile235)
Hoxie Bridge
The Hoxie Bridge is one of the old Williamson County bridges salvaged from the scrap yard for the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Granger Lake
A view of Granger Lake from the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trail consists of a mix of wooded segments and open prairie. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Friendship Bridge
The Friendship Bridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Overgrown trail
A few portions of the trail are a little challenging. Here I had to crouch to get under the brush in a creek bed. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Simple Bridge
Not all of the bridges on the trail are historic or overkill. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lake View
A view of the lake along the trail before plunging into the woods again. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This carpet of driftwood provides an obstacle along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
After the trials and tribulations, a serene segment in a glade. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Jeep Trail
A few segments of the western end of the hike follows a jeep trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
San Gabriel River
The San Gabriel River before it empties into the lake. The primitive camping area here was deserted. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
One of the larger pocket prairie segments along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Red Berries On The Trail
This is a shot I took along the trail.Notice the hiking trail in the lower right hand corner. (Photo by Miles)
Indian Paintbrush
Indian Paintbrush (Photo by IAHiker)
Site 21 Lake View
This is where we started our hike to Fox Bottom Primitive Campground, and then returned. (Photo by Miles)