Turkey Creek Trail Photos

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along the bluffs at the creek (Photo by jimmy peace)
bluebonnets at the top of the hill (Photo by jimmy peace)
The Fern Wall after Heavy Rains
The Fern Wall after Heavy Rains (Photo by plectrudis)
Happy dog
Lots of good swimming holes for your dog! (Photo by crocodile235)
old man in tree
notice the old man in the tree at bottom (Photo by jimmy peace)
fossil cavity
looks like where a bivalve was (Photo by jimmy peace)
toll way
this is how hikers pay the toll (Photo by jimmy peace)
awesome old tree
a nice old tree (Photo by jimmy peace)
Start of the trail from trailhead
Nice trail. Where bug spray. (Photo by Eveline)
Taking a break at one of the many creek crossings. (Photo by maddix)
Have you seen me?
photo by J.Lavin (Photo by pixistixs)
(Photo by Texpride12)
(Photo by Texpride12)
(Photo by Texpride12)
The trailhead includes an interpretive display informing hikers of the plants and animals one might find. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Stepping Stones
The numerous creek crossings are typically easy to master. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This grotto near the turnaround point features a wall of ferns. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Return path
The return path ascends a bluff that overlooks the creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
On top of the bluff the sky opens up. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
In April the path was often dusted by Live Oak leaves. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Turkey Creek does not feature any big waterfalls, but does include numerous small cascades. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Most of the trail follows the creek, often closely. (Photo by Austin Explorer)