San Angelo State Park Photos

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The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes
Like the legendary Phoenix, the park is rising from the ashes of the the December 2021 prescribed fires as evidenced by this photo taken on January 19, 2022. I hope the animals and birds return as well. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Lonely Meadowlark
The only Meadowlark spotted today. Not much else went on. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Just A Sparrow
Didn't see a lot of birds but this Sparrow jumped in the tree and waited for me to take his picture. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Ready for Action
The Kestrel was ready for the Mocker to attack but the Mocker took advantage of the situation and flew in the opposite direction. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Sow and six piglets
I've spotted feral hogs at a distance - today I saw a solitary boar on the trail relatively close and then about a mile further down the trail, I spotted a sow with six piglets. Cute but destructive. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Many parts of the trails were burned.
Major portions of the trails were burned during the prescribed burns two weeks ago. Hope the grasses grow back! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Not Many birds but a few White Crowned Sparrows
Most of the birds were out of sight but this one posed briefly before flying away to join his compadres. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Fall Colors
The colors of Fall at the San Angelo State Park - yellow Mesquite leaves. There are other trees but this is the predominant one in the park at the South Shore. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Yellow Garden Spider
Spotted it in the middle of it's circular web. No dew drops to show the web but here is the spider! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Mist in the Valley
One of the trailheads for the Nature Trail. The mist was in the valleys and the lake. Looked nice but it quickly dissipated when the sun rose. (Photo by MikeHikes)
First Meadowlark of the Season
First Meadowlark of the season spotted on Dinosaur Trail. They are Winter visitors and a sign that the seasons are changing! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Axis Deer Buck
A month or so ago, I saw an Axis deer doe and fawns on the other side of the river. Today I saw the buck quite a distance away but still in the park. Not the best photo but easy to identify him. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Yellow Shafted Flicker
Far off in the distance with the sun back lighting the bird, using my 100-400 lens, this was the best photo I got of a Yellow Shafted Flicker. Don't recall seeing one here before today. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Sunflowers are Abundant!
Not many flowers are still in bloom except for this patch of Sunflowers by the dried up Frog Pond. A migrating Monarch did not bother to stop and check them out. (Photo by MikeHikes)
May I Help You?
The Preying Mantis asked as I took his picture then guided him off the trail and toward some tall grasses. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Waiting for a Meal
This spider was waiting for another insect to investigate the prickly pear apple. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Queen Butterfly
Not a Monarch but a Queen. Underside looks nearly identical to the Monarch but the topside is different. Seeing more of these now at the park. (Photo by MikeHikes)
An Early Scout for the Annual Monarch Migration
The park usually has a large number of Monarchs come through on their way to Mexico. I hope this solitary scout is not a bad sign. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Widows and orphans
I can only assume they escaped from one of the nearby game ranches. No buck was seen with them. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Stand Off
The juvenile Mockingbird was not concerned about the Hummingbird and never left his perch. When I walked closer, he decided to leave and the Hummingbird disappeared as well. (Photo by MikeHikes)
HURRAY!  The bee bush has finally bloomed!
Recent heavy rains caused the bee bush to bloom! Normally they bloom three or even four times in a year but this is the first bloom this year (late August). (Photo by MikeHikes)
Watching the Sunrise
A grey fox was watching the sunrise as I drove in. When he noticed my car, he went deep into the brush. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Small cicada
I've seen the larger, dark cicadas at the park in the recent past, this smaller and "golden" colored cicada was the first one I've seen - I'll look for them again in 17 years ..... if I remember. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Feral Hog at the River
Look closely at the muddy area. This is the third time I've spotted a feral hog at the river's edge. I've never seen them in the park but I've seen the damage they do to the fauna. (Photo by MikeHikes)