San Angelo State Park Photos

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A healthy Survivor!
After the intense cold a few weeks ago, I was concerned about the park's wildlife. This grey fox appears to be healthy! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Looking for food
There was almost no bird activity so this Kestrel might go hungry for awhile. (Photo by MikeHikes)
May I Help You?
A Curve-billed Thrasher resting on the barbed wire fence who just has that kind of look. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Lone Tree
Officially, we're not in a drought but ..... (Photo by MikeHikes)
No matter how small the item is, trash is trash. It's not good to look at on the trails or for the wildlife. Don't know what animal ingested this green string but if it had become entangled in the intestines ...... NOT GOOD! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Snow Melt Fills Frog Pond
Recent snows have melted and partially filled a previously dried up pond called "Frog Pond" that had a large population of .... FROGS! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Foggy Morning
A cold, foggy and frosty morning for a hike. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Playground Trail
A very small piece of the Playground Trail. Not all rock and not all dirt, just a long scenic trail. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Young pair of Deer
I hope the buck gets to grow his antlers before he's shot. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Jack Rabbit
Took no photos on this hike but here's one from an earlier hike at the park. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Lots of Cardinals seen today!
What seemed to be an unusually large number of male Cardinals were spotted today. Mostly near the North Scenic Loop area although some were seen in other locations. Beautiful birds! (Photo by MikeHikes)
First of the season!
This is one of the American Goldfinches I saw this morning. They usually pass through the park and continue further South. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Belted Kingfisher!
Perhaps they're common but I see them rarely so it was an occasion when I spotted this guy. He made many trips up and down the stretch of river but I never saw him with a fish. (Photo by MikeHikes)
First Meadowlark of the Season.
A common winter visitor, there were two groups of four Meadowlarks spotted near Cougar Overlook - the first time I've seen them this year. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Mocker Strikes a Pose
One of the few birds that came out today. Using a PS sky replacement layer seemed to give him a "heroic" pose. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Widow and Orphan after the Last Hunt
Organized hunt last week left these two without a buck. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Few Monarchs Remain
Most of the Monarch Butterflies have already headed South but there are a few stragglers still around. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Who Are You?
A doe and her fawn watch me from afar as I hiked on Playground Trail. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Wilson's Warbler Just Passin' Thru
A winter visitor on his way to warmer climes. He and his mate were in the juniper bush when the bright yellow color caught my eye. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Bumblebee Busy on Lemonmint
Besides the bee bush, there aren't many blooming flowers but the lemonmint is blooming and I'm seeing more plants all the time. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Who are U?
The owl was hunting when I interrupted him. He flew to the tree and squawked at me before settling down and watching as I took his photo. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Milkweed Pod
Monarch Butterflies need milkweed!!!!! Help spread the seeds when they burst from the pods. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron
First time I've seen this bird. He was enjoying himself at the "No Swimming" pond near Burkett park -good thing the pond recently went from being a puddle to a fairly large body of water. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Finally Spotted!
For years, beavers felled trees along Shady Trail but were never seen until today! Only saw one in this fairly large pool of water (river is not flowing) but he looked healthy enough. (Photo by MikeHikes)