San Angelo State Park Photos

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A Lonely Fisherman
The only fisherman I saw on the hike and when I got closer, he flew away. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Off with the Old Skin
Looks bad but he was not in pain and moved quickly. Never saw this before. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Thirsty Fawn
The park maintains numerous water troughs and tanks for the wildlife to use due to the ongoing drought. This fawn used the water trough located at Bell's Point in the park's mid-section. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Death Brings Life
A wasp placed a paralyzed but still living tarantula in a hole for the wasp's young to devour when the eggs hatched. BRUTAL but it is what it is. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Cleared to Land
Bee bush has started to bloom and attracts bees and other bugs. The scent of vanilla is intoxicating!! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Surveying His Domain
This majestic looking hawk was on Red Dam Loop and followed me as I hiked along the top of the "dam". A very calm and majestic bird! (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Morning Doe
She watched me as I drove into the park. No fawns or bucks around, just the doe. (Photo by MikeHikes)
The Royal Kingbird
One of the few birds out today due to the strong and cold, Northerly winds. A beautiful bird to be sure! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Busy Bee
This bee really enjoyed being inside the flower as evidenced by the pollen clinging to his body. (Photo by MikeHikes)
1st Cactus Flower of the 2022 Season!
Near 5 Points Junction, I saw this flower which already had a few insects crawling inside. Hopefully, the rains will come and allow more to grow. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Looking for a Mate
The weather is warmer and Spring is here. This cactus wren was singing loud and long, hoping to attract a mate. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Busy Bee
Flowering bushes are now evident and the bees are buzzing - a sure sign of Spring! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Water in the River
Although not a flowing river, there are large areas that have water. When the rains come, this river will flow - sometimes it will overflow the banks! (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Lone Javalina
Spotted near Burkett Park. Not too concerned about seeing us as he wandered by. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Agarota Bloom
One of the first agarita bushes with a bloom at the North Shore. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Sunrise at the Dam
Sun rising above the dam at the San Angelo State Park. (Photo by MikeHikes)
First Wren of the year spotted
First Wren I've spotted in 2022. He was hopping along from bush to tree and back to bush near the Playground parking area. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Heading North
A sunrise flight of migrating birds heading North. (Photo by MikeHikes)
The Solitary Tree
Located on Tasajilla Flats, it just sits there and watches the days go by. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Feral Hog on the Trail
Ran into this guy as he was grubbing along the prickly pear. I made some noise, he saw me and departed. This is the second feral hog I've seen this close at the North Shore - not a good thing. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A flight of three C-130's flew over as I was finishing my hike. Most interesting thing to photograph today! (Photo by MikeHikes)
The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes
Like the legendary Phoenix, the park is rising from the ashes of the the December 2021 prescribed fires as evidenced by this photo taken on January 19, 2022. I hope the animals and birds return as well. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Lonely Meadowlark
The only Meadowlark spotted today. Not much else went on. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Just A Sparrow
Didn't see a lot of birds but this Sparrow jumped in the tree and waited for me to take his picture. (Photo by MikeHikes)