Nice hike and bike path

Trail View
Much of the trail is in the shade. Several benches along its path provide a convenient spot for a picnic.
User: Austin Explorer - 9/24/2006

Location: Northeast Metropolitan Park

Rating: 2point5stars
Difficulty: 1point5stars  Solitude: 1point5stars
Miles Hiked: 4.40 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A

Comments: Concrete surface throughout and mostly flat. South of the trailhead the path is shaded and set back from the road and parking spaces. The northern half parallels the road (which can get busy with soccer tournaments) and should probably be avoided unless you just want to add some more distance. There are some nice picnic spots along the southern half of the trail and some measure of solitude there as only one other person was on the trail during my walk.

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Trail View