North Shore - Area 7 Visit

Water in the River
Although not a flowing river, there are large areas that have water. When the rains come, this river will flow - sometimes it will overflow the banks!
User: MikeHikes - 4/14/2022

Location: San Angelo State Park

Rating: 4stars
Difficulty: halfstar  Solitude: 5stars
Miles Hiked: 6.50 Miles  Elapsed Time: 3 hours


Route -  North Shore restroom > jeep trail/dirt road/hiking trail > turn around and return along same route > North Shore restroom      6.5 miles

Temp started mid-40's, ended low 70's.  Sunny with a steady NW breeze.

IMPORTANT - I strongly advise hikers to check-in at the South Shore gatehouse. You will need a daily park pass and the combination to the gate padlock AND, more importantly, there are times when hunting is allowed in this area and not in the larger park area so you must ensure it is safe to enter.  I also suggest you park by the bathhouse/restrooms near the North Shore gatehouse to ensure your vehicle is safe.

Once you have your car parked, go out the gate you just came in and cross FM2288. You will enter Area 7 through a swinging gate.  Once you get inside, look for and follow the trail.  You'll soon come to the wider dirt road.  Follow it to the end always keeping an eye open for the trail when you come to the power lines.

This hike is one I take once or twice a year.  The trail is an old jeep trail/dirt road that parallels the North Concho River until you come to the fence that marks the park's property line (about 3 miles one way).  The trail is not marked but fairly easy to follow if you keep your eyes open.  The river has some dry patches but there is water there (photo attached).  You normally see some water fowl as well as various animals, including the park's Longhorn herd (on occassion).

Today we saw a small herd of juvenile feral pigs (7-9 in one group and 4 in another) that was a first for us.  Some ducks and a Great Blue Heron were spotted in addition to the hogs and an assortment of year round bird residents.  It was a pleasant hike and one that will be done again after/if/when we ever get some rain to make the river flow.


Water, info kiosk and toilets are available at the North Shore gate area. 


Log Photos
Water in the River
Area around San Angelo State Park
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