South Shore Burkett Park to Armadillo Ridge and Playground Parking Area

Missing a Point but Still Kicking
Took me a second to notice the buck is missing one of his points (above left ear) - does this make him an 8 or 7 point buck? He didn't mind losing a point as long as the hunters continue to lose sight of him.
User: MikeHikes - 12/6/2019

Location: San Angelo State Park

Rating: 4stars
Difficulty: 1star  Solitude: 4stars
Miles Hiked: 10.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: 4 hours, 15 minutes


Leg 1 -  Burkett park > Burkett Trail > East Potts Creek > Armadillo Trail (W) > West Potts Creek > Roller Coaster > WS to LL Connector > Burkett Park

Leg 2 -  Burkett Park > WS to LL Connector > Lanky Lackey > Nature Loop > Tasajilla Flats > Playground Parking Area

Leg 3 - Playground Parking Area > Chaparral > Winding Snake > Burkett Park

Temps started at 46 and ended at 64.  Sunny with light N wind.

Hiked along very familiar trails that were dry, groomed and easy to see.  The park had been closed for hunting earlier this week but I saw three fairly large bucks (photo of one buck attached) as well as doe and fawns.  Also spotted a lone javalina that didn't even pay any attention to me.  Hawks and Loggerhead Shrikes were out hunting but I saw no kills.  Saw a lot of birds including Black Throated Sparrows, Black Tufted Titmice and others.

More people were on the trails than I expected but it was still a nice, peaceful hike.


Water, shade, info kiosk and dry toilets available at Burkett Park.

Water, shade, info kiosk and toilets available at Playground Parking Area.


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Missing a Point but Still Kicking
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