Mother Neff State Park Photos

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Overlook on the Prairie Trail
The Prairie Trail has one picnic table. (Photo by Eveline)
This is the new Ranger's Station
They have air conditioned bathrooms! (Photo by Eveline)
wash pond
a natural collection pond (Photo by jimmy peace)
rock tower
gives u a vantage point of the area (Photo by jimmy peace)
rock shelter
they call it the cave but its a shelter, but nice (Photo by jimmy peace)
Park Entrance
The entrance to the park. The ranger station and trailhead lie just to the right. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rocky Trail
In the rocky creek canyon portion of the hike the terrain can be steep, but such spots are not too numerous. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Wash Pond
The Wash Pond is a peaceful spot to stop for a rest before the trail hits the prairie. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The trail is in great shape and bridges, such as this one, make crossing the creek easy. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Prairie Trail
The northern portion of the park is an open prairie, with isolated tickets of Juniper. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The overlook lies near the high point of the park and provides sweeping views to the south, over the park lowlands. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Observation Tower
The distinctive rock water tower is the signature structure of the park. It also provides a platform for overlooking the surrounding area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The cave served as shelter for the local Indians. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
Despite a few rough spots in the canyon area, most of the trail is relatively flat and easy to navigate. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Contrary to our initial perceptions, we were not the only ones present at the Wash Pond. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Transition Zone
As the trail nears the transition from canyon land to prairie pockets of trees and prairie intermingle. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Jeep Trail
Most of the trail through the prairie follows old jeep trails that were probably used when this was ranch land. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Prairie Pond
This prairie pond sits near the primative camping area near the back of the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The view from atop the rock tower rivals that from the Overlook at the back of the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
stone table
(Photo by seejanplay7)
prairie pond
(Photo by seejanplay7)
wooded trail
(Photo by seejanplay7)
top of the tower
(Photo by seejanplay7)
Prairie Trail
(Photo by seejanplay7)