Armand Bayou Nature Center Photos

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There are two bison on the Martyn Farm. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Prairie Land
This is what East Texas used to look like in the old days. Sadly, 98% of all prairie lands have been converted to human use. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Massive lichen on a log. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Boat House
This is along the Karankawa Trail. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Wildlife Viewing Platform
Nice bird blind along the trail. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Bayou Overlook
A good view of the Armand Bayou is provided along the Martyn Trail. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Excellent Signage
The signage in the park is excellent. Signs are posted at each key intersection. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Spanish Moss
This "fuzzy stuff" in the tree branches is called Spanish Moss. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Scenic Ponds
If you look closely, you'll see turtles bathing in the sun. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Entrance Sign
Sign to the entrance of the Nature Center. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Armand Bayou Deer
6 February 2005, just inside the entrance. (Photo by rtjones731)
Armand Bayou Nature Center
(Photo by rtjones731)
"Armand" dillo
2-6-05 just off the trails, several sightings (Photo by rtjones731)
(Photo by rtjones731)
Hiking Trail
Well maintained and great for youngsters. (Photo by rtjones731)
Two Bucks
Taken on a prairie trail last October (Photo by rtjones731)
(Photo by Eveline)
(Photo by Eveline)