McKinney Falls State Park Photos

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Inland sea oats
Inland sea oats (Photo by plectrudis)
trees growing out of a flooded natural tank in the rock
trees growing out of a flooded natural tank in the rock (Photo by plectrudis)
The falls, swollen with rain
The falls, swollen with rain (Photo by plectrudis)
the old homestead (Photo by jimmy peace)
lower falls
lower falls (Photo by jimmy peace)
the old homestead
homestead ruins (Photo by jimmy peace)
at the falls
very crowded (Photo by jimmy peace)
A fossil in a stone on the Homestead Trail. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Geocache GCC9A - TPW
A Geocache along the Homestead Trail. Though the container has been replaced, this is a very old Geocache, one of the first ones placed. (Photo by heatharcadia)
McKinney Homestead
The remains of the McKinney Homestead. (Photo by heatharcadia)
Lower Falls
Lower Falls (Photo by heatharcadia)
Another View Of The Trail
The trails are well-marked and easy to follow. Some trails also have distance markers. (Photo by Blaze)
Upper Falls
The Upper Falls is a nice, scenic spot. (Photo by Blaze)
View Of The Trail
The natural surface trails take you through some nice areas. (Photo by Blaze)
Lower Falls
The lower falls pour into a nice natural pool. (Photo by Blaze)
Onion Creek
A scenic view of Onion Creek. (Photo by Blaze)
Rock Shelter
This rock shelter overlooks Onion Creek. (Photo by Blaze)
Park Sign
This is the entrance sign to the park. (Photo by Blaze)
upper falls
upper falls (Photo by jimmy peace)
hole in rock
natural carving (Photo by jimmy peace)
pic of the homestead (Photo by jimmy peace)
tree reflection
reflection in the water (Photo by jimmy peace)
Iron Rods
There are several of these iron rods staked into the rock on both sides of the creek. This is just upstream from the McKinney grist mill, but I'm not sure what, if anything, it had to do with that. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lunar Landscape
The start of the Homestead Trail leading to Onion Creek is a large, continuous slab of limestone. (Photo by Austin Explorer)