Purgatory Creek Natural Area Photos

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deer in the brush (Photo by jimmy peace)
Monarch on mealy blue sage
In the valley of butterflies (Photo by plectrudis)
Gnarly oak
Gnarly oak (Photo by plectrudis)
Purgatory Creek - dry at the moment
Nifty, ferny bluff on the left (Photo by plectrudis)
Snake on a tree
Pretty little green snake, hanging out on the trunk of a gnarly old oak tree (Photo by plectrudis)
Dante Trail in Purgatory
looking west from bluff over creek (Photo by fwk2005)
Gnarled Tree along the trail
Just a neat looking tree. (Photo by Eveline)
Trail Head Sign where we started.
Trail head sign at Upper Purgatory Creek Park (Photo by Eveline)
flint along the trail (Photo by jimmy peace)
archeological site (Photo by jimmy peace)
entrance sign
entrance to the hike (Photo by jimmy peace)
Under the Overlook, there's a overhang. This large rock cavity may have served as a welcome relief from heavy rainstorms in the past. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Talking turkey with the locals
In addition to two deer, I also spotted this wild turkey along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Look out below!
From the overlook, looking down on the Malacoda Trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Coming up to the Overlook
A view along the trail leading up to the "Overlook". From here there's a vertical drop into the creek canyon and one of the trails below. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
A typical view on the trail. There are plenty of rocks on the trail so you often have to pay attention to foot placement. Hiking boots are recommended! (Photo by Austin Explorer)