Shylock and Fiona's Location Log Entries

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 Buescher State Park  9/19/2004  Trail
 Fondue Fun  9/19/2004  Geocache
 Bas-Drop  7/31/2004  Geocache
 Lost Pines Consolation Cache  7/31/2004  Geocache
 Bastrop State Park  7/31/2004  Trail
 Turkey Creek Trail  6/20/2004  Trail
 Shameless Dedication #1 "The Moose is Loose"  6/20/2004  Geocache
 Peckerhead  6/20/2004  Geocache
 PP01 One Year  6/20/2004  Geocache
 NTGA Leftovers  6/20/2004  Geocache
 Commons Ford - Waterfall Trail  6/12/2004  Trail
 Enchanted Forest  6/12/2004  Geocache
 Hiders Block  6/12/2004  Geocache
 Shameless Dedication series #4 "I Hate MICROS!"  6/12/2004  Geocache
 Barton Creek - Upper North  5/9/2004  Trail
 Barton Creek Waterfalls  5/9/2004  Geocache
 Laura's Napping Tree Cache  5/9/2004  Geocache
 Goodbye Blue Sky  5/9/2004  Geocache
 Windmill Run Park Cache  5/8/2004  Geocache
 West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt  2/22/2004  Geocache
 OH SWELL! Another Greenbelt Cache  2/1/2004  Geocache
 Sams Backdoor Cache  1/3/2004  Geocache
 Greenbelt and Beyond  1/3/2004  Geocache
 Honey Comb Cache  1/3/2004  Geocache
 Creek View  1/3/2004  Geocache