Pleasant mini trek

Final destination, Waterfall
This is the main attraction of the Waterfall Trail. It was a little on the low side when we visited in Feb 2009, but still nice to see.
User: androidmatten - 2/16/2009

Location: Commons Ford - Waterfall Trail

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 4stars
Miles Hiked: 1.30 Miles  Elapsed Time: 45 minutes

Comments: If you head north from the parking area, you'll end up at the manicured recreation area with a volleyball net and boating dock. This would be great for a family reunion or picnic, but it's a separate destination from the waterfall trail.

The "waterfall" trail, which is south of the parking area, is very short and easy. You have to head down the road in a generally west direction to find the trailhead. We had the whole trail to ourselves on the way in, but crossed paths with about 20 young Cub Scouts and their parents on the way out (happily). I joked to one of the parents that it was "perfect timing."

The water was very low, making the waterfall more of a water trickle. It was still fun to look around and hang out, but there is pretty much only one opening at the end of the trail, so had we be just an hour later, it would have been one big happy family with the Cub Scouts and us. That is to say, this is not like Sculpture Falls, where there are numerous nooks and crannies to sequester yourself away. Still, very much worth it for a quick "do."

Log Photos
Final destination, Waterfall
Above the waterfall
Trail, heading toward waterfall
Area around Commons Ford - Waterfall Trail