A park that gets a lot of use, but still has some nice natural elements

Turtle in a ferny grotto
A turtle statue
User: plectrudis - 3/22/2021

Location: Copperfield Nature Trail

Rating: 2point5stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 2point5stars
Miles Hiked: 3.60 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A


This park was surprising in a number of ways.  It's surrounded by the city and by subdivisions, and it has obviously received pretty hard use, so you never have the illusion of being in some sort of pristine area--the trails are wide and the ground is hard packed and there is a bit of trash. But even though the landscape had been pretty extensively trampled, it still has some surprisingly pleasant bluffs, a nice long stretch of waterfall where a little runnel trips down a hill, and a largish pond.  So even though it's highly modified, the bones of the natural world show through.  It was somewhat busy on the March evening when I visited, and you have to cross a significant road (Braker) at one point, but it's also pretty shady and green.  Also, someone with a whimsical sense of humor has installed a turtle sculpture on the ferny walls of a little bluff.

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Turtle in a ferny grotto
Area around Copperfield Nature Trail