Spoonbill Foot Trail

If this doesn't look like much of a trailhead, you're not alone. I had a hard time finding this "start" to a somewhat informal trail.
User: Lone_Star - 4/11/2014

Location: Sea Rim State Park

Rating: halfstar
Difficulty: halfstar  Solitude: halfstar
Miles Hiked: 0.80 Mile  Elapsed Time: 18 minutes


The Spoonbill Foot Trail at Sea Rim State Park isn't really a trail, but more of a flattened vehicle pathway across a wetland area.  I had difficulty in finding the trailhead as there is no signage at the trailhead.  I knew where it was supposed to be, but I still had to walk around hunting for it.

The trail itself is wet and muddy.  You are, after all, walking across vegetation, not land.  I could not complete the entire trail because half way out it became too wet and mushy, so I turned around and headed back.

I never saw any Spoonbills, either. :(

Log Photos
View Of The "Trail"
Weather Radar Station
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