Tejas Nature Trail

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After an abortive attempt to hike at Lacy Point Nature Area nearby, the wife and I decided to try this short trail out. There is some uncertainty about whether or not non-boating, non-camping patrons are even allowed into the park (at least without paying the associated fees for those other activities). In the end we were allowed in, which saved us from being hike-free in the Waco area for the day.

The trailhead is near the amphitheater.
The trailhead is near the amphitheater.
The trail is a short .6 mile path that makes for a 1.2 mile round trip. The trail is almost always under a thick blanket of Ashe Juniper and Oak tree cover. The area is prone to rising lake levels and I think we could see this by the consistent level of dead branches that reached up to about 7 feet above ground, depending on the terrain. The limbs above this line looked consistently green and healthy.

Several bridges cross creek beds along the way.
Several bridges cross creek beds along the way.
The trail surface is packed dirt with some rock. Though the terrain undulates slightly, it is in general rather flat. This trail should provide no troubles for most, even those with smaller children.

There is a trail guide available online. I'm not sure whether or not the front gate has any copies of their own, so you may want to print one up before heading out. The markers can be a bit tough to locate, so keep a keen eye open for them.

All in all, it was nice to get a small walk in for the day, though we had wished for a bit more mileage. I wouldn't drive too much out of my for this trail, but if you're camping here or doing some other hikes in the area here's a chance to log another trail.

What's this?
Found this not far off the trail and have no idea what it is. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
There's not much sunlight that makes it to the trail here. Might be refreshing on a sunny, hot day. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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