Uploading A Track File

You can upload a GPS track files and associate it with any hiking log entry that you have already entered on the site.

  • Navigate to your log entry's view page.
  • Locate the "[Upload Track File]" link near the bottom of the page and press it. The link to upload a track file will only appear on your own log entries. The link will also not appear if you have already uploaded a track file for the log entry.
  • Once you've been redirected to the Upload Track File page use the "File Name" file search component to point to the .GPX file that you would like to upload.
  • Be sure to click the check box giving Texas Hiking and its sister sites permission to use the file.
  • Press "Upload".
  • If the file was successfully uploaded you should be returned to your log view page once more and a new segment entitled "Track File:" will appear with a link to the .GPX file. The track file will also be displayed on the Google Map. Now everyone can follow in your footsteps!